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HELLO... my name is Ellie Large. I created this Site in February 2002 to provide a forum for exploring and sharing stories, essays and information related to healing. Our capacity for healing is more readily understood when one explores the literature on our mind/body connections. I have placed on this website essays I wrote on the subject whilst studying for my Graduate Diploma in Healing Therapies, in the section titled 'ABOUT HEALING'.

My interest in healing came about as I explored ways and means to understand and also to find healing modalities to assist me in dealing with my own physical problems related to the development of rheumatoid arthritis in my teenage years. My decision to share with you personal details is born out of the wish to perhaps inspire you, especially those of you who may be struggling with an chronic illness or disability. Healing does not always mean 'cure'. Sometimes 'to heal' is about 'coming to terms' with one's life circumstances and to achieve optimal quality of life within the context of these circumstances.

"Indeed, virtually all modern approaches to mind-body communication attempt to facilitate the process of converting works, images, sensations, ideas, beliefs, and expectations into the healing, physiological processes of the body" (p26).Rossi, E. (1993).
The Psychology of Mind-Body Healing, New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis. New York: Norton.

I have noted in my role as a Health Professional that all to often patients are given a diagnosis and information outlining 'the worst case senario' of a particular illness and that some of these people place great credence on what they are told, subsequently 'living their life out of their diagnostic label'....this frequently leading to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. 

In life we can experience tough times without necessarily having an illness and these times can challenge all aspects of our being and can ultimately be valuable opportunities for learning and growing, for instance, Thomas Moore in his book 'Journey of the Soul', writes about depression as being an opportunity to 'go within... to get in touch with one's soul's journeying' whilst Kahil Gibran's in his book "The Prophet' speaks about the relationship between joy and sorrow... and how to be able to be with one's sorrow enables one to also experience deep joy..."The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain".

The way we think, how we view 'our world', the attitudes we adopt and how we speak things, e.g. the words we use, have an effect on us. Negative and self-defeating patterns of thinking will influence how we experience our life, our view of ourselves and our view of others. Therefore I have included information on how to use AFFIRMATIONS as a valuable tool in helping to change these negative patterns of thinking to improve one's attitude towards oneself and to enhance one's SELF-ESTEEM and outlook on life.

My goal has been is to provide you with a template for getting in touch with your own journeying, for you to become more aware of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. This may mean that you are able to look upon the difficult times in your life as an opportunity for growth and for you to be able to notice the gains and strengths that emerge as you move through these tough times, opening up the possibility for you that healing can occur.

Hopefully you can find ideas within this Site to motivate you, to challenge you to forge ahead in your life, perhaps to 'push the barriers' and to embark on a journey of self discovery, healing and learning, to become empowered in your life circumstances.

If, like me, you have a curiosity in learning more about healing issues take a look at these HEALING and BODYWORK BOOKS. I have listed some of the many books in my personal library that have been important to me ...books on bodywork, hypnotherapy, energy modalites, bio-energetics and many other related subjects. 

If you download material from the Site to use in any way, please could you acknowledge the source of this information ....thank you for this...Ellie Large

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